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Essential Esthetician Equipment & Supplies for A Facial Room Setup

December 09, 2023 6 min read

The success of a medical spa in the ever changing field of medical aesthetics depends on the caliber of the equipment and materials employed. Having the right equipment is critical for offering top-notch service, since it enhances client satisfaction and shapes their overall experience. 


For that reason, we explore the necessary esthetician supplies and equipment required for a cutting-edge facial room setup in this extensive guide, along with providing details on our carefully chosen collection at Medical Spa Supply.

Essential Esthetician Supplies for a Facial Room Setup

Creating the perfect facial room involves ability, competence, and the right esthetician tools. These techniques and products not only improve treatment efficacy but also client satisfaction. In this section let’s explore what you need to establish a functional and inviting space for your clients.


Chemical Peel Treatments

Chemical peels are an essential skincare regimen for many people, providing anti-aging, pigmentation, acne, and rejuvenation benefits. At Medical Spa Supply, we have a range of peels that are specifically formulated to address different skin issues. Our chemical peels range in intensity from moderate enzymatic peels to more intense choices, making them appropriate for a wide range of customer demands. By adding chemical peels to your menu of services, you're doing more than just adding another service to your repertoire; you're giving your clients cutting-edge, outcome-driven skin care solutions that improve their experience and encourage repeat business.


Dermaplaning Tools

A common procedure for exfoliation and peach fuzz removal is dermaplaning. Understanding its significance, we provide premium dermaplaning instruments that guarantee a secure and efficient procedure. With the ergonomic handles and precision blades in our collection, estheticians will have all the equipment they need for a flawless dermaplaning service. By combining our dermaplaning equipment into your service offerings, you may deliver an extra layer of skin treatment that compliments other facial services you already offer, boosting the total treatment outcomes.



We at Medical Spa Supply recognize the value of having a fully stocked backbar, full of the best skin care products for your clients. For that reason, we offer a wide range of high-end skincare products in our collection, from sophisticated serums and moisturizers to opulent cleansers, masks and toners. Because these products are specifically designed to address a range of skin types and problems, each client is guaranteed a customized skin care experience. By using our wide range of skin care products, medical spas can make treatments work more effectively and give their clients the luxurious experience they desire.


Essential Esthetician Equipment for a Facial Room Setup

Having the appropriate toolkit is essential when venturing into the world of face and body treatments. In order to ensure you're prepared to provide outstanding results, we'll go over the fundamental equipment and machines you need in this section.


Facial Steamers

Facial steamers are an essential element of any facial treatment since they enlarge pores and prepare the skin for more comprehensive cleansing and enhanced absorption of skincare products. At Medical Spa Supply, our selection of face steamers is made with the highest level of customer comfort and efficiency in mind. These steamers are an essential part of any facial room setup because of their simple mobility and adjustable steam production, which improve the overall facial treatment experience.


Oxygen Infusion Devices

With its innovative design, the Pure Oxygen Infusion Portable Machine takes facial treatments to a new level. It increases the advantages of conventional facial treatments by enabling the direct delivery of oxygen, vitamins, and nutrients into the skin. These machines are perfect for adding an extra nutritional boost and revitalizing dull, weary skin. Because of its mobility, it may be used for both in-spa and mobile services, making it a flexible addition to any medical spa.


Handheld Devices

Enhance the quality of your medical spa’s skin care services by incorporating our selection of portable devices. One of the most popular devices is the ZAQ Facial Rejuvenation Device that is equipped with LED lights, RF, EMS, Sonic Vibration, and Hot Massager Therapy, making it suitable for a wide range of skin issues. Additional tools that can be utilized include the ZAQ Facial Vacuum Blackhead Remover, Nano Pen Infusion Device, Tara Sonic Vibrating Brush, Purify Water Dermabrasion Device, IUV Sonic LED Cleansing Brush, and the calming Black Obsidian Y Facial Roller and crystal jade rollers. These tools serve to enhance the treatment capabilities of your spa.


LED Therapy Devices

LED treatment is well known for its advantages to skin health, which includes treating acne, lowering inflammation, and increasing the creation of collagen. At Medical Spa Supply, we provide LED treatment equipment that address different skin diseases with different light options. This non-invasive technique offers clients a restorative and revitalizing experience, making it a great compliment to any facial treatment.


Microdermabrasion Equipment

One important treatment for exfoliating and reviving the skin is microdermabrasion. Our microdermabrasion equipment offers a precise and regulated exfoliating method that efficiently eliminates dead skin cells and encourages skin regeneration. This equipment is essential for medical spas to offer state-of-the-art exfoliation treatments that leave the skin smooth, bright, and renewed.


Single & Multifunction Machines

At Medical Spa Supply we understand that medical estheticians have a wide range of needs, which is why we provide an extensive choice of facial machines, both single and multifunction, to meet a variety of budgets and treatment needs. If you're looking for a machine that can handle a variety of treatments or services, look no further than our professional multifunction equipment.


We offer Galvanic Machines that penetrate deeply into the skin and rejuvenate it, Rotary Brush Machines that exfoliate gently, Facial Brush Machines that cleanse thoroughly, and Ultrasonic Machines that stimulate collagen production. Furthermore, for a comprehensive evaluation of skin health, we provide state-of-the-art Skin Analyzers that allow you to take your clients service one step further. These machines allow you to address particular skin conditions and tailor your client's experience, all while using the same device.

Why Choose Medical Spa Supply for your Med Spa Equipment Needs and Supplies?

Choosing Medical Spa Supply for your medical spa equipment and supplies is a choice that will pay off in many ways. We care about quality, choice, and customer service, which makes us the best business partner for you. Here's what sets us apart:


  • Wide Range of Products and Equipment: We have a lot of different tools and materials, such as cutting-edge facial machines, dermaplaning tools, and basic backbar products. Our stock covers a wide range of treatments, so you'll always have the proper tools and supplies.
  • Tailored Solutions: We always offer customized solutions since we know that each medical spa has different needs. Our selection includes both single-function and multifunction machines, so you can find one that fits your needs and your budget best.
  • Quality Control:All the items in our inventory have been carefully selected based on their proven functionality and high quality. We ensure that you receive durable and resilient tools, thereby extending the lifespan of your investments.
  • Help and Advice from Experts: Our team of experts is always available to help and provide advice along the way.
  • Convenience and Dependability: We offer everything you need for your medical spa directly on our website. That said, placing an order is a breeze, and delivery is typically quick for our customers. To guarantee a smooth experience, we also offer friendly customer assistance as well as tailored programs to keep track of inventory such as our SOS program.


At Medical Spa Supply we are committed to providing your medical spa the best supplies and equipment it needs to thrive. Our dedication to quality, comprehensive assistance, and ability to tailor solutions to your unique requirements make us an ideal partner for the growth and success of your medical spa.

Learn More About the Essential Med Spa Equipment and Supplies Needed for a Facial Room Setup at Medical Spa Supply

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