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How To Purchase A Cryotherapy Chamber For Your Medical Facility?

March 02, 2024 10 min read

Learn the key steps to purchasing a cryotherapy chamber for your medical facility and overcome potential challenges with our comprehensive guide.

Cryotherpay Chamber


Imagine extreme cold, where temperatures plunge to those as low as winter's deepest chill. This is the essence of whole-body cryotherapy (WBC), a wellness technique that has garnered substantial attention for its potential to reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation, enhance mood and energy levels, and more.

Embracing the cryo-wave can involve many considerations as you look at adding a cryotherapy chamber for your medical facility. Applying cold air can have advantages over the traditional cold plunge tub and can catalyze pain relief, and muscle recovery, and even aid in soothing skin conditions such as dermatitis. 

In addressing the trends of the past decade's cryotherapy fad, it is noteworthy that numerous fly-by-night companies have entered and exited the space. Furthermore, some of those that persist lack the requisite experience and service standards needed to prioritize customer satisfaction. This is precisely why Medical Spa Supply has chosen to collaborate with Cryo Innovations, a company boasting nearly a decade of experience in the field, a commendable safety record, a reputation for quality, and exceptional post-sale service. The XR Cryosuana they offer stands out as the premier Nitrogen-based Cryotherapy chamber. Additionally, Cryo Innovations plans to introduce an electric Cryotherapy Chamber in 2024, continuing their industry leadership by providing an affordable, high-quality electric chamber for the medical wellness sector. This guide to purchasing a cryotherapy chamber aims to unveil the nuances of cryosurgery's relative, explore the role of cryotherapy in alleviating pain and enhancing mood and energy levels, and equip you with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision. Embark on the frostbite-free path to wellness.

What is a Cryotherapy Chamber?

A Cryotherapy Chamber is an advanced cryotherapy machine designed to apply extremely cold temperatures to the human body for therapeutic benefits. In our case, they are often used in a cryotherapy business or for personal wellness.

This innovative solution exposes the skin to temperatures as low as -160°C. The effects of whole-body cryotherapy are gaining popularity in the U.S., with many looking to install cryotherapy systems in their Med Spa, integrated health, regenerative medicine, and wellness practices. 

Using a cryogenic chamber involves short exposure times to prevent frostbite and ensure that skin temperature is safely reduced to provide healing effects. The science behind this method involves harnessing cold's natural power to support recovery, reduce inflammation, and enhance overall well-being.

Different cryotherapy devices can be tailored to individual needs. Whether it's a standalone chamber or an ice pack application. For those seeking to use cryotherapy in their routines. It is essential to understand the safe usage and the varied health and wellness benefits it offers.

How many Types of Cryotherapy Chambers?

There are primarily two cryotherapy chambers: whole-body and partial-body cryo chambers, known as cryo saunas. Whole-body cryo chambers expose individuals to subzero temperatures, typically using liquid nitrogen to cover the entire body except for the head.

These can reach temperatures as low as -150°C and are regularly installed in U.S sports medicine facilities. Cryoaction, a popular provider, specializes in such installations for elite athletes to help them recover faster from muscle soreness. 

On the other hand, cryo saunas target specific areas and are less intense. Cryotherapy is not limited to sports recovery. It is also used in cryosurgery to treat common skin conditions like warts. The potential benefits of such extreme cold exposure, a practice encompassing both chambers, extend to reducing pain and inflammation.

While research studies continue to investigate the effects of whole-body cryotherapy, its application of extremely cold temperatures remains a powerful tool in healthcare and athletics.

What is the Process of Purchasing A Cryotherapy Chamber For Your Medical Facility?

Embarking on acquiring a cryotherapy chamber for your medical facility involves a systematic and thoughtful approach. This process encompasses need assessment, budget planning, research, vendor evaluation, and regulatory compliance. It demands careful planning and consideration.

  1. Assess Your Needs and Set Objectives

When considering the acquisition of a cryotherapy chamber for your medical facility, it’s crucial to embark on a structured process tailored to your specific requirements and goals.

Whole body cryotherapy has become popular, offering many health benefits. It exposes individuals to extremely cold temperatures to treat skin conditions or enhance general wellness.

  • Clientele & Volume: Gauge the expected client volume and demographics. Will your facility cater to athletes, wellness enthusiasts, or individuals with specific medical conditions?
  • Service Range: Decide on the spectrum of cryotherapy treatments you aim to offer. Will you focus solely on whole-body cryotherapy, or include localized treatments?
  • Cryotherapy Chamber Type: Choose between a cryosauna and a cryochamber, considering the space available and the nature of the cryotherapy services you intend to provide.
  • Outcome Expectations: Clarify what you expect to achieve. This might involve enhancing patient recovery times, expanding service offerings, or entering the burgeoning cryotherapy industry.

Embarking on this journey requires a comprehensive understanding of the cryonic cryotherapy landscape. By meticulously evaluating your facility's needs and aligning them with the effects of whole-body cryotherapy, you ensure a strategic fit and set the stage for the successful installation of a cryotherapy unit.

  1. Budget Planning

When purchasing a cryotherapy chamber, budget planning is a crucial step. It involves a comprehensive understanding of not only the initial cost of the cryochamber but also the long-term financial implications. Cryotherapy, especially whole-body cryotherapy, is gaining popularity in the medical field for its ability to treat skin conditions and provide other health benefits.

To ensure a sound investment:

  • Assess the total cost, including the price of the cryo-chamber, installation fees, and essential maintenance.
  • Factor in the operational expenses of running a cryotherapy unit, like electricity and staff training.
  • Explore financial solutions: consider leasing a cryochamber or availing financing options to manage cash flow effectively.
  • Research the cryotherapy industry to understand the effects of whole-body cryotherapy and select a suitable model


Embarking on the investment journey for a cryotherapy chamber, such as a cryosauna, opens doors to exposing your clients to the therapeutic advantages of extremely cold temperatures. Strategic budget planning is key to seamlessly integrating a cryotherapy unit, thereby allowing you to bring the transformative benefits of whole-body cryotherapy to your facility.

Medical Spa Supply stands ready to be your comprehensive partner in this venture. From initial planning to procurement, financing, logistics, and delivery, our dedicated support ensures a smooth and successful process. We go beyond the acquisition stage, providing post-support follow-up and service to guarantee the ongoing excellence of your cryotherapy facility. With Medical Spa Supply, you have a trusted ally at every step, making the realization of your cryotherapy investment goals a streamlined and rewarding experience. Contact us to discuss your options today.

  1. Research Cryotherapy Chamber Types and Vendors

When purchasing a cryotherapy chamber for your medical facility, understanding how cryo chambers work is crucial. These innovative units, designed to speed up muscle recovery, require patients to wear minimal clothing as the temperature drops significantly inside.

  • Types: Decide between whole-body chambers, where temperature drops envelop the entire body, or localized units focusing on specific areas. Clinical studies often highlight the benefits each type offers for the recovery process.
  • Vendors: Look for vendors renowned for producing cryo chambers that are easy to install, safe, and effective. A vendor's history in ensuring the safety of features, like ensuring nose and mouth are not overly exposed to extreme cold, is vital.
  • Customer Support: Opt for vendors who provide robust support, clearly explaining how clinical studies validate the safety and effectiveness of their chambers.

Selecting a cryotherapy chamber involves meticulous research to ensure it aligns with your facility's needs, emphasizing patient safety, and the efficacy of the recovery process.

  1. Vendor Evaluation and Selection

The fourth step ensures you invest in a safe, effective product that aligns with your facility's specific needs. Here's how to navigate the vendor evaluation and selection process:

  • Check Credibility: Delve into vendor reviews and testimonials. A vendor's industry reputation can reveal their commitment to quality and service.
  • Examine Product Features: Assess if cryochambers work with features that make them easy to install and maintain. Confirm if the design ensures patients wear minimal clothing while safeguarding areas like the nose and mouth when the temperature drops.
  • Review Support and Services: Investigate warranties, customer service, and post-purchase support. Reliable support can greatly enhance the recovery process for your patients.
  • Validate with Clinical Evidence: Seek evidence from clinical studies that substantiate the safety or effectiveness of the cryochamber. This can reassure both your team and your patients.

Selecting the right cryochamber is pivotal. It's not just about speeding up muscle recovery. It's also about ensuring a seamless integration into your facility, offering reliable support, and maintaining the highest standards of safety and effectiveness as the chamber's frigid temperatures play a crucial role in recovery.

  1. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Understanding the legal and regulatory requirements is crucial when purchasing a cryotherapy chamber for your medical facility. This process ensures patient safety and facility compliance. Here's a simplified guide:

  • Research Regulations: Start by investigating local and national regulations regarding cryotherapy chamber operation. Laws may vary based on your location.
  • Health and Safety Standards: Ensure the cryotherapy chamber meets all health and safety standards. This includes temperature controls and emergency shut-off mechanisms.
  • Certification Acquisition: Obtain necessary certifications for your chamber. This often involves inspections and approval from health authorities.
  • Consult Legal Experts: Consult a legal expert specializing in medical equipment. They can offer guidance on compliance and necessary documentation.

By meticulously following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate a cryotherapy chamber into your medical facility, ensuring a safe and regulation-compliant operation.

  1. Purchase and Delivery Arrangements

Regularly, after ensuring all regulatory requirements are met. This step involves finalizing the purchase agreement and discussing delivery logistics. It’s essential to ensure everything aligns perfectly for a smooth installation.

  • Review the Agreement: Scrutinize the purchase contract. Confirm warranties, payment terms, and service agreements.
  • Coordinate Delivery: Work closely with the vendor to plan the delivery. Choose a date that allows enough time for preparation.
  • Prepare the Site: Ready the installation area. Follow the vendor's specifications to avoid last-minute hitches.
  • Communication is Key: Maintain open communication with the vendor. Address any concerns promptly to ensure a seamless process.

Completing these steps ensures your cryotherapy chamber arrives and is set up efficiently, ready to serve your facility's needs.

  1. Installation and Setup

Purchasing a cryotherapy chamber involves careful coordination for installation and setup, ensuring a smooth addition to your medical facility. This step is crucial for operational success.

Here's how to approach it:

  • Vendor Coordination: When partnering with Medical Spa Supply and Cryo Innovations, you can rely on our robust support system. From facilitating the setup to providing comprehensive training, we offer flexibility through webinars or on-site support. Whether you prefer virtual guidance or hands-on assistance, our teams are committed to ensuring a seamless installation experience tailored to your unique needs. With Medical Spa Supply and Cryo Innovations by your side, the journey to implementing your cryotherapy chamber is met with expert guidance and personalized support at every turn.
  • Technical Requirements: Assess and meet all technical needs beforehand. This includes space, power supply, and safety measures.
  • Trial Run: After installation, conduct a thorough test. Ensure the chamber operates flawlessly, providing the intended therapeutic effects.

Proper installation sets the stage for safe, effective cryotherapy sessions, marking a positive stride in your healthcare offerings. It's not just about buying a machine. It's about integrating a complex, beneficial technology into your care spectrum.

  1. Staff Training and Marketing 

Purchasing a cryotherapy chamber involves careful steps, with staff training and marketing as the final, crucial phase.

  1. Comprehensive Training: Arrange detailed sessions to ensure staff are skilled in operating the cryotherapy chamber, focusing on safety and efficiency.
  2. Practice Runs: Encourage staff to conduct mock sessions, enhancing their confidence and proficiency before attending to actual clients.
  3. Develop Marketing Strategies: Create appealing campaigns to inform existing clients about the new cryotherapy services, highlighting benefits and safety measures.
  4. Target New Clients: Utilize social media, local events, and healthcare networks to attract new clients interested in cryotherapy benefits.

In this crucial phase, Medical Spa Supply and Cryo Innovations take center stage in supporting your journey. We offer comprehensive assistance, from the initial setup to staff training and marketing strategies. Count on us to provide the necessary resources and expertise, ensuring a seamless integration of cryotherapy services into your medical facility. With our support, your team will be well-equipped to deliver safe and cutting-edge cryotherapy experiences, captivating both existing and new clients alike

.Explore Easy Equipment Acquisition and Financing with Our EASE Program and Flexible Options

As you consider enhancing your medical facility with a cryotherapy chamber. It’s important to focus not only on the type and benefits of the equipment. But also how to smoothly integrate such advanced technology into your operations without financial strain. This is where our EASE program and comprehensive financing options come into play. Ensuring that your journey toward incorporating cryotherapy into your services is as seamless as successful.

Why Choose Our EASE Program?

Our Equipment & Supply Engagement (EASE) program is designed to alleviate the stress of opening new Med Spa locations or upgrading your setup with a cryotherapy chamber. We offer concierge equipment planning services, assisting you in selecting the right equipment and supplies that meet your clinical needs and align with your budgetary constraints.

From navigating the intricate Med Spa equipment and supplies market to providing logistical support for your opening, our team is here to make your transition to advanced cryotherapy services effortless. With a $100 credit towards your equipment planning project upon scheduling a 15-minute call, we prioritize your satisfaction and financial ease.

Flexible Financing Options Tailored to Your Needs

Understanding that the initial investment for a cryotherapy chamber can be significant. We offer three flexible financing options to help you spread the cost over time, preserve capital for other business aspects, and possibly even enjoy tax benefits under the IRS Section 179 deduction. 

Whether you’re considering small equipment purchases or planning a large-scale expansion, our financing solutions through partners like PayPal, Quickspark Financial, and Shop Pay are designed to cater to the unique demands of your facility. These options ensure you can confidently invest in your business's success without compromising the quality of care you wish to offer.

Let’s Connect

Embarking on acquiring a cryotherapy chamber signifies a significant step forward in your services. We're here to ensure this step is taken confidently and supported. If you have any questions about our EASE program or financing options. Please contact us at (800) 880-8260 to get started. Our team is dedicated to assisting you every step of the way, ensuring you can enhance your facility with the latest cryotherapy technology with ease and assurance.

Final Thoughts

Acquiring a cryotherapy chamber for a medical facility entails understanding the chamber's functionality, the different types available, and the purchasing process.

Careful consideration of each aspect ensures the selection of a suitable chamber to enhance the facility's services and patient care. Therefore, investing in cryotherapy could benefit any medical facility looking to expand its treatment options.