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Primary Care Scale with Integrated Digital Height Rod 502KL


The newest member of the number-one-selling family of physician scales, the all-digital Health o meter® 502KL features a fully integrated digital height rod and EMR capabilities, providing the optimum in quality, reliability, and ease of use. The 502KL, created to cater to various healthcare settings like doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, and acute and long-term care facilities, showcases a market-leading built-in digital height rod, a spacious non-skid platform, and a reinforced base that ensures enhanced stability. The scale offers providers and patients an eye-level weight indicator, accommodating patients weighing up to 660 pounds.

 The market-leading height rod provides the most accurate height measurement in its class, with a graduation/resolution of 1mm/0.1” and a full measuring range of 11 ¾” – 79 ½” / 30cm – 202cm and a digital range of 3ft 11.2” – 6ft 7.5”/ 120 cm – 202 cm

Via optional Pelstar® wireless technology

Provide stability without affecting accuracy or weight reading.

Improves Patient Experience – Helps patients with poor or impaired balance maintain stability when standing on the platform.

Accommodates Patients of Any Height – Wrap-around design allows patients of any height to comfortably hold the handlebars.

Low platform height requires only a minimal step up, offering a patient a more comfortable and stable weighing experience

Option that allows users to permanently lock the scale in either LB or KG to improve safety

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